Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get there?

Firstly please, please, please don't use a satellite navigation system. While these devices are helpful in city areas when using them out in a rural setting they can send you hours out of your way. The best way is to visit our location page and follow those directions carefully. Alternatively Google Maps can give acurate directions.

Can we have a campfire?

Absolutely. That is one of the best aspects of camping. the logs burning, the warmth in winter, toasting marshmallows. What would camping be without a campfire. There is a delegated space for a campfire at each campsite and we do ask you only use this area for your fire so as to have a minimal impact on the soil and camping area. It is also requested you don't bring firewood from outside the property as these may bring in pests otherwise not present in the area. Feel free to go on a firewood collecting adventure or you can purchase wood from the lodge for $5 per crate.

Can we bring our animals?

Sorry. The property has been sanctioned a wildlife refuge and as such is home to many rare and endangered native wildlife. As domestic animals are known to hunt or chase some of these special animals we ask that you leave domestic animals at home. They can also bring diseases or infections not known to native animals and have an affect even if they are quiet, placid animals.

Can we bring a 2wd vehicle?

Sure. The dirt entrance track is rough and steep in parts but many a small vehicle have made it down to the lodge without a problem. If you would prefer not to, a shuttle service from the front gate can be arranged for $30 each trip.

Can we go fishing?

Not in front of the lodge. As mentioned earlier the Clarence River Wilderness Lodge is a wildlife refuge and as such all native plants and animals on the property are protected. This includes all the animals in and around the river. The endangered Eastern Cod are known to inhabit the waterhole directly in front of the lodge and on a number of occasions a giant old cod has been spotted. If you like spotlighting at night for fish is an entertaining alternative otherwise walking at least 1km upstream will take you off the Wilderness Lodge to waterholes where you may fish. Taking a fishing tour can also be a great experience.

Do we need to bring drinking water?

No. The water available on the property is sourced from a wet season waterfall on the mountain behind the lodge. This water is clear, fresh and untreated. In the dry season when the tank levels run low it may be pumped from the river which is also fresh and uncontaminated. If you have a particularly sensitive stomach or would feel more comfortable water purification tablets or bringing your own bottled water is also an option.

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