Canoeing_in_the_morning_smIf you would like to see our native wildlife from a new perspective, give the canoes a try. There is over a kilometre of flat water that is available for you to paddle on. You can meander up and down the river and view the azure kingfisher, a rare and endangered rock wallaby, or any number of other native wildlife. Early risers can take the canoes out on the waterhole for the opportunity to see a platypus in the wild. Taking the canoes out at night with a spotlight could mean the sighting of the "Old Man Cod". A large Clarence River Cod known to inhabit the waterhole in front of the Wilderness Lodge. These canoes are available free of charge if you are using them within the confines of the waterhole at the Lodge. If you are looking for an action packed whitewater canoeing experience canoe tours are also available.paddling_in_the_wilderness_lg


Winner at NSW North Coast Tourism Awards 2011 Finalist at 2011 NSW Tourism Awards